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  •  Islamic Etiquette

    Islamic Etiquette

    This is a portion of Abu Bakr A1-Jazairi’s well-known and well-accepted work Minhaj-ul-Muslim – “The Way of the Muslim.” The Author has pointed out that Islam is a [...]

    Islamic Etiquette
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  •  The Book of Manners

    The Book of Manners

    Among the many good deeds that the Prophet (S) guided us to and the evil that he (S) warned us about, are a set of manners that are comprehensive of worldly matters and religious matters, of [...]

    The Book of Manners
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  •  Grade 5 – Akhlaq Book

    Grade 5 – Akhlaq Book

    In this book, students are introduced to additional aspects of good behavior and mannerisms. They are to learn of several etiquettes taught by Islam to further enhance the nobility of our [...]

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  •  Sileh Rahmi the Regard for Kinship

    Sileh Rahmi the Regard for Kinship

    Regard for Kinship means Good Behaviour and maintenance of cordial relationship with those who are related via Family ties.

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  •  Grade 6 – Akhlaq Book

    Grade 6 – Akhlaq Book

    In sixth grade akhlaq the student is introduced to additional facets of good behavior encouraged by Islamic teachings. These behaviors consist of day to day actions that not only please Allah, [...]

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  •  Grade 2 – Akhlaq Book

    Grade 2 – Akhlaq Book

    An Educational Text on Islamic Ethics, for Grade 2 students … !

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  •  Akhlaq Grade 5

    Akhlaq Grade 5

    An Educational Text on Islamic Ethics, for Grade 5 students … !

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  •  Lying & Envying

    Lying & Envying

    Truthfulness and kindness are the signs of happiness of the nation and the individual. The key to happiness is sincerity and compassion, while misery is associated with lying and envying. Allah [...]

    Lying & Envying
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