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  •  The Alchemy of Happiness

    The Alchemy of Happiness

    The Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat, or, Alchemy Of Happiness was an attempt to show ways in which the lives of a Sufi could be based on what is demanded by Islamic law. It has four principle parts; [...]

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  •  The Way to Happiness

    The Way to Happiness

    This book addresses an important subject, The only way to achieve true happiness is Islam and call for the faith in Allah and His angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and destiny.

    The Way to Happiness
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  •  Islamic Unity and Happiness

    Islamic Unity and Happiness

    This booklet consists of two sections. In section one the writer discusses the contribution of scholar Amini in his book of «Al-Ghadir non Islamic unity and its urgent need in the world of today. [...]

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  •  The Key to Happiness

    The Key to Happiness

    You may find the ‘key to your happiness’ by spending a few minutes reading through this booklet, so don’t ‘jump the gun’ by holding preconceived notions till you completely read through it. You [...]

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