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  •  Ali The Magnificent

    Ali The Magnificent

    The life of Hazrat Ali stands out as a beacon, radiating its light into the darkness of this world.

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  •  The Life of Caliph Ali

    The Life of Caliph Ali

    This is an English translation of the book Al Murtadha which was authored by Syed Abul Hasan ‘Ali Nadwi in Arabic. It is a biography of Sayyidna ‘Ali bin Abi Talib who was one of the most [...]

    The Life of Caliph Ali
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  •  Ali the Superman

    Ali the Superman

    In this volume,An attempt has been made to narrate the life-story of Ali,the last of the orthodox caliphs,who,in the muslim annals,is the most interesting and controversial personality of all [...]

    Ali the Superman
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  •  Ali Ibn Abi Talib Vol.1 & 2

    Ali Ibn Abi Talib Vol.1 & 2

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  •  Covenant by Ali (as)

    Covenant by Ali (as)

    Hazrat Ali a.s drafted a covenant and appointed one of his Governor in Egypt under oath to administer the country on his behalf. This was not a simple covenant. In reality it was a charter of [...]

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