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  •  Imam Ali (a.s)

    Imam Ali (a.s)

    This book tells you about the greatness of Imam Ali(a.s) The First Holy Imam from his birth in the Kaaba to his martyrdom in Masjid. Learn about his bravery, generosity, kindness wisdom, [...]

    Imam Ali (a.s)
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  •  Education in Islam

    Education in Islam

    In a society where religion and knowledge in general and science in particular do not go hand in hand, it seems necessary to briefly describe the position of Islam vis-à-vis knowledge, Islam, in [...]

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  •  Sawaabul A’amaal & Iqaabul A’amaal

    Sawaabul A’amaal & Iqaabul A’amaal

    It is a collection of sayings (ahadith) of the Prophet and his successors. The book has two sections, the first dealing with Divine rewards of various good deeds and the second concerned with the [...]

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  •  Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (INDEX)

    Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (INDEX)

    Here it is the Index of Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (a.s) A scientific, intellectual and literary encyclopedia about the life of Imam Ali (pbuh) Special issue on the occasion of the 1400th [...]

    Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (INDEX)
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  •  Ali Shariati and the Mystical Tradition of Islam

    Ali Shariati and the Mystical Tradition of Islam

    This thesis presents Dr. Ali Shariati and the mystical tradition of Islam, focusing particularly on his in,er spiritual and mystical orientation. Shariati is well known as a sociologist of [...]

    Ali Shariati and the Mystical Tradition of Islam
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