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  • History of The Shrine of Imam Musa al Kadhim & Imam Muhammad al Jawad (Peace be upon Them)

    Anyone approaching Baghdad from the north or the west will be impressed by the sight of the four golden minarets at Kadhemayn, the Shrine of the Two Imams, Imam Musa al-Kadhim and Imam Muhammad [...]

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  • Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S)

    Titles: At-Taqi, Al-Jawad Birth 10th Rajab 195 AH in Madina Martyrdom: 29th Dhulqa’da 220 AH in Baghdad. Buried in Kadhmain One famous saying of the 9th Imam follows: Some one asked, “was [...]

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  • Morality of Imam al-Jawad (A.S)

    AHL AL-BAYT THE CELESTIAL BEINGS ON THE EARTH Author: Allama Hussein Ansariyan Translator: Dr. Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiani P. 226-228 Imam al-Jawad was unique in terms of knowledge, forbearance, [...]

    Morality of Imam al-Jawad (A.S)
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  •  Biography of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Taqi (a.s)

    Biography of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Taqi (a.s)

    Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (A.S.) – known more by his title Taqi (or the pious one) – is our ninth Imam. He was born on 10th Rajab 195 A.H. in Medina, and was martyred when he was only 25 [...]

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  •  The Infallibles: Imam Muhammad Al Taqi (as)

    The Infallibles: Imam Muhammad Al Taqi (as)

    Imam Muhammad Taqi (as) was born when his father was 45 years old. Till then Imam ‘Ali Ridha (as) had constantly been taunted that he had no children. When the 9th Imam was born, a brother of [...]

    The Infallibles: Imam Muhammad Al Taqi (as)
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  • Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Jawad (at-Taqi) (peace be Upon him)

    A Brief History of The Fourteen Infallibles By: Ansariyan Publications P. 145 – 150   Name: Muhammad Title: al-Jawad or at-Taqi Agnomen: Abu Ja’far Father’s name: [...]

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