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  •  Uyun Akhbar Al-Reza Vol.1

    Uyun Akhbar Al-Reza Vol.1

    The present work has been compiled by Sheikh Sadooq and covers the major traditions about the life, the decrees, the arguments, the writings and the sayings of Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (s) and Imam [...]

    Uyun Akhbar Al-Reza Vol.1
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  • Al-Silsilatul Al-Dhahabiyya (The Golden Chain)

    Written By: Mulla Mujahidali Ma’mun, the cruel and cunning Abbasid caliph in the year 201 A.H./817 forcefully exiled Imam Ridha (a.s) from Medina to Marw. (The city where Mamun’s seat [...]

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  • History of The Shrine of Imam Ali B. Musa Al-Ridha (A.S)

    The History of Mashad Mashad is the capital of Khorasan province in the North East of Iran, 892 km away from Tehran. It is located at the altitude of 985 Meter occupying an area of 204 sq. Km. [...]

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