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  •  The Sandhills of Arabia

    The Sandhills of Arabia

    The culmination of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, lead  by  the  late  Imam  Khumayni,  in  1979, awakened the original innate faith in the people and reminded them of  what  had  been [...]

    The Sandhills of Arabia
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  •  The Criminals of Islam

    The Criminals of Islam

    A book of this kind has never been written before. It took courage to write this book and it will take courage to read it. One of our most popular books, THE CRIMINALS OF ISLAM unveils the true [...]

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  •  Islamic Ideology

    Islamic Ideology

    This book presents Islam as a universal religion based on reason and the religious experience of the Prophets. It gives a view point that guarantees the preservation of all essential values, in [...]

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  •  Bilal’s Bedtime Stories Part One

    Bilal’s Bedtime Stories Part One

    All time Islamic Stories for children

    Bilal’s Bedtime Stories Part One
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  •  Wisdom of Sa’di

    Wisdom of Sa’di

    This is the first type of work where the verses from Golestan and Boostan have been dealt with subject wise. It is the compilation of the condensed and striking thoughts of the distinguished poet [...]

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  •  Bird Parliament

    Bird Parliament

    Bird Parliament (Mantiq at-Tair) written  by Farid ud-Din Attar translated by Edward FitzGerald first published in Letters and Literary Remains of Edward FitzGerald (William Aldis Wright, ed.) [...]

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  •  Discourses of Rumi

    Discourses of Rumi

    One of the most exuberant books. This book will give you a most valuable insight into the ideas of Rumi, one of the worlds most famous Persian poets, in a way that is neither holier then thou, [...]

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  • Shi’ite Books on the History of the Prophets

    By: Rasul Ja’fariyan Accounts of the divine Prophets were carried out as part of Islamic historiography by various scholars in books entitled al-Mubtada’ which means the beginning or the [...]

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