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  •  Al-Siyam “Fasting”

    Al-Siyam “Fasting”

    In the books of the Old Testament do we find any definite text to prove that fasting was prescribed. We simply find praise of fasting and commendation of those who fast. It is known that Moses [...]

    Al-Siyam “Fasting”
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  •  Grade 3 – History Book

    Grade 3 – History Book

    Now that the students have been introduced to the Islamic Calendar, some of the past prophets and the 14 Ma‘sumeen (a), they will now cover history related themes so as to familiarize and enhance [...]

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  •  Q Calendar

    Q Calendar

    From Muharram through to the month of Ramadhan to Dhulhijja, observances and commemorations of calendar events are the touchstones of Muslim life. The rituals evoke history and theology, and [...]

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  •  Virtues of the sacred month of Muharram

    Virtues of the sacred month of Muharram

    The intent of this brief document is to bring to the attention of our readers the great spiritual benifits of these blessed nights and days, and to encourage them to derive these benifits by [...]

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  •  Grade 1 – History Book

    Grade 1 – History Book

    The material presented in this document is a result of an effort made by the personnel of the School of Ahlul’Bait of the Shia-Muslim Association of Bay Area Islamic Center at San Jose, [...]

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  •  Islamic Months

    Islamic Months

    Allah has attached a special sanctity to some particular days or months in the sense that some specific rules are prescribed to observe them, or the reward of virtuous deeds is increased therein. [...]

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  •  The Months of Muharram and Safar

    The Months of Muharram and Safar

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