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  •  Love of Allah

    Love of Allah

    The Book beautifully explained what enjoyment a person will experience in this world, leave alone the hereafter, if he recognises Allah.Many incidents of the pious have been discussed who [...]

    Love of Allah
    3.3 (65.88%) 17 vote[s]
  •  Journey Towards Allah

    Journey Towards Allah

    Journey towards Allah is, in book-form, an Extracts from the Islaahi Discourses of Maulana Shah Abdul Hamid Is’haq. Moulana’s Islaahi discourses are a great inspiration to thousands throughout [...]

    Journey Towards Allah
    2 (40%) 2 vote[s]
  •  Run Towards Allah

    Run Towards Allah

    In this Kitaab is a Bayaan which Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb had delivered in the month of Jumadal Ula. He discusses the importance of following the lifestyle of Rasulullah (S) which includes [...]

    Run Towards Allah
    4 (80%) 1 vote[s]