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  •  Discourses of Rumi

    Discourses of Rumi

    One of the most exuberant books. This book will give you a most valuable insight into the ideas of Rumi, one of the worlds most famous Persian poets, in a way that is neither holier then thou, [...]

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  •  The Masnavi, Book Two

    The Masnavi, Book Two

    The most influential Sufi poem ever written, the six books of the¬†Masnavi are often called “the Qur’an in Persian”. Book Two is concerned with the challenges facing the seeker [...]

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  •  The Masnavi, Book One

    The Masnavi, Book One

    Rumi’s Masnavi is widely recognized as the greatest Sufi poem ever written, and has been called “the Koran in Persian.” The thirteenth-century Muslim mystic Rumi composed his [...]

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  •  Teachings of Rumi

    Teachings of Rumi

    Teachings of Rumi, English Translation and commentary on Selections from the Masnavi In this classic work, the Persian scholar Edward Henry Whinfield translates and comments upon the Masnavi [...]

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  •  The Masnavi i Ma’navi

    The Masnavi i Ma’navi

    This is the abridged Whinfield translation of the Masnavi. The Masnavi is an extensive poem by Rumi, the celebrated Persian Sufi saint and poet. It is one of the best known and most influential [...]

    The Masnavi i Ma’navi
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