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  •  Avicenna – His Life and Works

    Avicenna – His Life and Works

    Avicenna, or Ibn Sina, the tenth-century Persian scientist-philosopher, is beyond doubt the most provocative figure in the history of though. With a wideness of range, a vigour of thought, and a [...]

    Avicenna – His Life and Works
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  •  Contemplation and Action

    Contemplation and Action

    Nasir-al-din Tusi Contemplation and Action: The Spiritual Autobiography of a Shi’i Philosopher Nasir al-Din Tusi, the renowned Shi’i scholar of the 13th century, produced a wide range [...]

    Contemplation and Action
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  •  Molla Sadra

    Molla Sadra

    Iranian Thinkers (5) Molla Sadra Not only in past times but also in the contemporary period, Iran, builder of civilization and a cultivator of knowledge, has been the land of famous thinkers, [...]

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